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From inception to completion of projects, teaming with members of Iron Workers Local Union No.550 results in a strong partnership with many advantages:

  • On-Time Job Completion
  • On-Budget Job Completion
  • Flexible Workforce
  • Increased Productivity - 24/7
  • OSHA Safety Trained
  • Highly Trained and Skilled Craftsmen
  • Qualified, Drug-Free Workforce
  • True Value for Every Dollar Invested

Iron Workers Local Union No. 550's goal is to exceed customer satisfaction while building the best project for our customers and for our community. We view union iron workers, contractors, and owners as partners who share the same vision. Every time you hire iron workers from Local Union No. 550, you should feel confident that you are receiving highly trained and highly skilled journeymen and apprentices that take their job seriously.


With Iron Workers Local Union No. 550, we not only adhere to the industry’s highest professional standards – we exceed them on a day to day basis. It is our goal to be a true value provider so that you receive more than expected in the categories of training, safety, productivity, experience, professionalism and ability when it comes to every dollar you spend. You will not only benefit from superior skills due to the intense training from our Nationally Recognized apprenticeship program and journeyman upgrading courses, but also from our members being trained in the most advanced OSHA-approved and OSHA–certified safety programs. Our years of experience and proven track records with our signatory contractors solidify our commitment to excellent performance and superior results for you, our partner.


In any field it is critical that a person is trained in what he or she does for a living. With Iron Workers Local Union No. 550, training is an on-going process. During the federally-approved apprenticeship program, iron workers are taught inside and outside the state-of-the-art training facility. While the 840 hours spent in the classroom includes the standardized core curriculum, welding theory and procedure, blueprint reading, and safety standards, iron workers are learning to perfect their craft during the hands on classroom and on-the-job training. Not only are apprentices learning the skills necessary to apply their craft on projects, but they are also taught the correct behaviors such as accountability, punctuality, and initiative which allow them to excel on your job site. Once an apprenticeship is completed, the training and education continues with specialized courses, certifications, and advanced safety and health classes. Nationally, approximately $45,000,000 is spent annually on apprenticeship and journeymen upgrade training. Journeymen are encouraged to participate in the upgrade programs such as foreman training and welding certification so they can continually strive to increase knowledge, greater professionalism, and take the next step up in his/her career. The international iron workers union believes providing a well-trained, highly-skilled workforce is the most important resource we provide our customers.


Safety is no longer an issue in the workplace when hiring Iron Workers Local Union No. 550. These iron workers are taught the most recent safety and health standards, and participate in mandatory safety programs during their apprenticeship and throughout their career. They also learn the OSHA steel erection standard, and abide by the safety regulations and standards set by the U.S. and Canadian governments. All iron workers – both officers and staff – are tested for drugs and alcohol, giving you the confidence that a drug-free workforce is ready and available for your next project. Since iron workers are taught the most stringent safety standards in the classroom, they are able to rely on what they have learned while working on your job site. Since safety is always at the forefront, you save on comp costs, downtime costs, and absenteeism costs by hiring iron workers from Local Union No. 550.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to the bottom line. With Iron Workers Local Union No. 550, you can set your mind at ease that your project will be completed on time and on budget. Iron workers take pride in their craft and in delivering a quality product. Since the union wage, benefits and job security tend to attract more talented and motivated workers, a union worker is not only more efficient but also more effective which results in better quality construction – meaning no re-work to be done. No longer spend money on recruitment of a qualified workforce, when you can count on Local Union No. 550 to supply the skilled, professional iron workers needed for your project. Due to our investment in safety and training programs, our highly skilled, safe, and drug-free workforce will lead to higher productivity and a better bottom line for your project..


Most people ask the question, “What experience do you have?” Iron workers can tell you that they have worked on some of the most high-profile buildings, bridges, monuments, stadiums, and sports arenas in the country. From the Football Hall of Fame, Timken Research, Stark State College, J. M. Smuckers, Co., and Timken Roller Bearings, all have required the skills of the trained iron workers of Local Union No. 550. There are over 200 local unions in the U.S. and Canada and each local union specializes in one or more craft sectors such as: structural steel erection, pre-cast concrete construction, pre-engineered metal buildings, reinforcing steel, ornamental iron, fabrication, curtain wall, welding, rigging, and machinery moving. The iron workers at Local Union No. 550 are specialists in all of these and provide the highest quality craftsmanship on every project. To partner with Iron Workers Local Union No. 550 on your next project or if you would like more information, please contact us at 330-455-5164.